Companies are living organisms.
We help them breathe better.

We’re a collective of thinkers, tinkerers, innovators and builders that seek to disrupt the way businesses and companies operate, transforming them into social organisations that are adaptive, open, collaborative and nimble.

We come from industries as diverse as marketing, advertising, public relations, design and engineering, giving you the advantage of tapping into a vast array of experience, whatever your needs might be.

We develop disruptive business and marketing strategies

Business challenges aren’t so different from the problems we face in everyday life. That is to say, they appear in all sizes, shapes and forms - and often when you least expect them to.

At Omnifluence, we develop business and marketing strategies, harnessing the disruptive potential of Digital, Social and Mobile technologies to weave tailor-made solutions to your challenges.

We bring great ideas to life

Ideas always look great on paper - that’s what they’re supposed to do. Breathing life into an edgy concept, however, calls for a whole new level of expertise.

That’s why we’ve formed a joint-venture - Daylight Partnership - a cutting edge Digital, Social and Marketing agency that delivers top-notch marketing strategies and execution to help your ideas take flight, in the most brilliant way possible.

Daylight Partnership

We build organisational capabilities

Companies are complex, living organisms that evolve with the ebb and flow of the times - and we know how important it is for organisational leaders to be adept at traversing this ever-shifting landscape.

At the Omnifluence Academy, we provide training in topics ranging from social strategy to crisis preparation, dispensing advice to help firms better manage the complexities of business growth, brand building and human engagement on all levels.

We believe tinkering is quite possibly the most fun, and the most naturally human, way to learn.

Everyone at Omnifluence is a partner and therefore the company’s success is also theirs - in a very real way.

This gives our partners a great sense of ownership over their work, resulting in a greater quality of work for our clients. It is a cycle of success.

Our unique multi-disciplinary line-up of talented individuals come from fields as diverse as public relations, marketing, design and engineering, giving our clients the added advantage of tapping into a wide array of experience.

Melvin YuanFounder / Director

Geek, innovator, technologist. Dreamer, writer, storyteller. Productivity freak.

Loves ultimate frisbee, running, military strategy. Devoted to clarity, brevity and mystery. Lives on inspiration.

Founder of Omnifluence; Co‐founder of YFind Technologies, And still thinking of stuff to make.

Born in Singapore, travels everywhere, Lives online.

In addition to founding Omnifluence, Melvin also co-founded YFind Technologies, an indoor positioning company that was acquired by Ruckus Wireless in 2013. Prior to that, he was Vice-President at a global public relations firm, where he served as Asia-Pacific Founder and Lead for its Digital Strategies Group. He is also an Associate Lecturer at the Singapore Civil Service College where he trains senior government officers in social media and digital skills.

Calvin SiewPartner & Director

Calvin Siew is a social business and digital strategist with over ten years of experience in public relations, digital management and communications. Previously, he served on the Asia-Pacific board of his previous firm, a large, global PR organisation. A believer in the good that social media can bring to businesses, Calvin introduced the first ‘Twestival’ (Twitter Festival) to Singapore and has received numerous awards for the digital initiatives he pioneered for his clients.

A self-described autodidact, Calvin loves figuring out how things work and believes that anything you envision can be realized. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with and building devices like audio amplifiers and other similar inventions. His ideal weekend is one spent in quiet contemplation with his two dogs and a soldering iron.

Eileen KangAssociate

Eileen Kang is a social business and communications strategist with more than two years’ experience in public relations, web consulting and communications. A self-confessed culture junkie with an insatiable curiosity for what makes society tick, Eileen is also a Twitter enthusiast who keeps religiously up to date with the latest trends in the social media realm.

Eileen is someone who’s open to trying anything at least once (if her past record is anything to go by), accumulating a wealth of experience in the process. She has worked at large, global firms like Manning Selvage & Lee (MS&L) and Bates 141, where she handled accounts such as Discovery Networks, Martell, Imedeen, Puma. She has also worked at a web consultancy, specialising in content strategy, development and content architecture. Eileen has, not surprisingly, also roughed it out in the fields of journalism, copywriting and client servicing, working on brands like Hewlett-Packard, Shell and The Effie Awards.

Ruth LiuBusiness Manager

Ruth believes that relationships within the company are paramount and can provide tremendous business value. That’s why, as Business Manager at Omnifluence, she goes out of her way to ensure that every partner is sufficiently equipped to accomplish their everyday tasks, because an empowered team directly results in a more effective workplace.

As someone who cares deeply for people and envisions nurturing smooth, formidable organisations, Ruth strives daily to get companies to recognize the benefits of collaboration - and harnessing the power of social thinking and technologies to drastically and dynamically alter the way they work.

Marcus HuangStrategic Content Creative

Marcus was one of the early founding members of independent creative hot shop The Secret Little Agency (TSLA). After a brief stint at TBWA Tokyo, Marcus returned to Singapore and subsequently joined TSLA, as part of the core team that helped build the then-fledgling agency from the ground up. Primarily an art based creative , Marcus has more than 6 years of experience working on accounts like FOX, Shell, Philips, Motorola, Singtel, *Scape, and ACE Insurance, executing integrated campaigns across multiple media.

Marcus recently spent a year in Melbourne, Australia working for a non-profit online publication, Meld Magazine, where he was responsible for creative visual content (filmmaking, photography, illustration) and social media brand management.

Adrian KohPartner

Storyteller, evangelist, adventurer.

Adrian’s enjoyed careers in the private and public sector as an editor, public relations manager, and policymaker. With over six years of experience in communications, Adrian has been in award-winning teams and companies like Silicon Valley-based Evernote Corp, blazing the trail for a new wave of communication strategy in Asia-Pacific. Adrian was also the Editor for Singapore's first business communications magazine, POINT, and a book on personal influence, "Unlock Your Charisma".

Adrian’s public sector experience has seen him develop policy for community legal services in the Ministry of Law, while also taking on key roles in capability development, futures planning, and organisational development.

Today, Adrian is an evangelist and change agent, helping businesses and leaders realise the need for disruption as a matter of course for their organisations.

We Believe

People make up an organisation. That might sound all too obvious at first but it’s a simple fact that many companies seem to have forgotten. When people in a company are being viewed as expendable resources rather that valued assets, is it any wonder then that they are leaving in droves?

We know that when you believe in people and invest in their well-being, it reflects - both in their world view and on their faces at work. While many places seek to drive up profit by any means, we believe instead in creating profitable lives through trust, openness and empowerment. An enlightened person is a catalyst for change. A collective of such like-minded people heralds a revolution.